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Mission Statement

I believe that everyone can sing and that we can learn to sing well! 

Whether you sang in a choir at church or school, or you routinely are called tone-deaf by friends and family, you can sing!

Together, no matter where you are coming from, we can move you in a positive direction with your voice!

What to Expect

Lessons with me consist, generally, of a short physical warmup to get into the body and work on posture. Afterwards, a bit of breathwork and vocal exercises, then it’s game on! We sing songs and discuss technical and performance matters until our time is up!


Each person coming into my studio is different and needs something a little different.

In general:
We work on building strength and coordination in the muscles that support breathing (breathing being pretty important for singing :) ); finding good, relaxed posture; relaxing the musculature of the tongue and throat; and the acting and emoting involved in performance. All of that aside, we assess what each individual needs each lesson. Trust me: it will not be the same every day!

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